Monday, March 29, 2010

Facebook Social Search?

Just saw this in Facebook. When clicking on the "Answer This Question" button up pops a blank window to create and submit an answer.

Is Facebook creating a social search tool that will compete with Mahalo and Aardvark?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

What You Want: Goals + Inputs = Results


“Inputs drive results, results don’t drive inputs”

For some rare individuals desired results (goals) will drive inputs. A better way for most people is find the inputs you love, then create goals that you achieve as a result of getting better and better at them.

If one wants to be a successful blogger etc, start with the inputs. One must blog often and get better and better. Only the best rise to a level where they create opportunity and income from it as a result. If one wants to be a great podcaster one must make lots of podcasts and get better and better fast. Learn by doing.

Some people certainly have a head start on you. You can make up lost ground by starting right here, right now. PARTICIPATE. Practice, practice, practice. If you persist through the rough patches, you have a much better chance of creating the results that others and you will call success.

Goals lay a rough framework for the inputs that are required. Others will become apparent as one undertakes the goal. Be flexible and willing to make moves that advance you towards your goal. If you see the inputs as something that is enjoyable and workable, you have a chance at creating the results you desire.

NOTE: You can overcome the obstacles you encounter. Some, you will overcome as a solo effort, some will require the assistance of others. Build a network now, so that when you need it, it is ready. Be an asset and a resource to others so they can get past their challenges that require outside assistance.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Meijer's new small-store format in Niles, Illinois, could open door into urban neighborhoods | -

For those consumers who can’t find what they are looking for, there is a kiosk online where they can order from for home delivery.

Meijer would be wise to consider free ship-to-store as an option. People could order online, have it shipped to the store, pick it up and buy other merchandise while they are there. This would expand the inventory offered without having to carry it on shelf. Consumers will also like saving on shipping costs.

Large items could be shipped direct to consumer to save them the hassle of transporting. This would be especially useful to urban dwellers that use public transportation.

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