Saturday, February 28, 2009

JOB SCAM: "Transfer manager Vacancy"

Looks like another job scam. 

fromRafael Dugan
dateSat, Feb 28, 2009 at 5:39 AM
subjectTransfer manager Vacancy
hide details 5:39 AM (13 hours ago)
We've found your resume at and would like to suggest you a "Transfer manager" vacancy.

I'm the Chief Manager of Department of employment
We have thoroughly studied your resume and are happy to inform you that your
skills completely meet our requirements for this position.

Our company buy, sell, and exchange digital currencies, like E-gold and E-bullion.

This is a part-time position. Your schedule will be flexible. You will need to
spend on average 1-2 hours per day, Monday-Friday.

This is a work-at-home position. All communication will be online.

General requirements:
"  Applicants must be at least 21-years-old
"  Good communications skills
"  Honesty, responsibility and promptness in operations;

A position within our company on a trial period for one month starting from
the beginning of the work will be offered to the successful applicants. During
this trial period you will be receiving training and online support while
working and being paid. Employees on a one month trial period are evaluated at
least one week prior to the end of their trial period. The supervisor can
recommend termination, during the trial period. At the completion of the trial
period, the supervisor can recommend continued employment, extension of trial
period, or termination.

During the trial period you you will be keeping 8 percent commission from every payment received from our customer. With the current volume of clients on average your overall income will add up to $3,000 USD per month. After the trial period your base salary will go up to
$2,250 USD per month, plus 8 percent commission.

After the trial period you may ask for additional hours or proceed full-time.

If you are interested in this position, and would like to know more, please e-mail me ONLY to:

We will contact you within 24-hours.


[click on map to see larger]

Businesses are using ads on the Internet to reach customers. The Google Map image nearby is a good example. The search was for the East Paris Pharmacy in Grand Rapids, MI. On the map were several text and graphical ads for nearby Rite Aid drug stores. They may have bought placement on the word pharmacy. 

Google Maps users may see Rite Aid ads when they conduct a search with the word pharmacy and they are searching in a trade area of Rite Aid. A trade area is a geographic space that a business conducts transactions in.

Below is an embedded version of the map above. Perhaps you can see if the Rite Aid ads are still there or if some other chain bids up the price of the ads.

[click "View Larger Map," then click the "Search Maps" button on that page for results]

What are your thoughts regarding online advertising? Are maps an effective way to reach an audience?


Would you order food from this chain? 

... We had a store make a 5 star today. :) Then we got a 2 star and a 1 star. :(

This was from a Facebook status update comment. Not so sure I want to order from this chain reading about 1 and 2 star rated locations. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2009



In about four weeks, Startup Weekend will descend on Detroit Michigan. As the state with the highest unemployment rate, Michigan needs a storm of entrepreneurial activity to ignite. Entrepreneurs start with an IDEA then add some secret ingredients. In the process they require specialized knowledge, skills and talents. It is at that point, employees may be added to the business enterprise.

Now more than ever

Now is a great time to start thinking about some ideas that create customers. What does it mean to create customers? Solving consumer needs, wants and desires creates value. The value that is created by a business enterprise is exchanged for money. The more value the firm creates the more potential there is to become an economic force that grows the fortunes of both customers and the the enterprise. This a win-win. In the process, jobs are created and customers are better served. In all of that, the economy grows and expands. 

Are you thinking about your IDEA for Startup Weekend already?

Now is the right time. Bring together your own mastermind group. Brainstorm for ideas that solve customer needs, wants and desires. Keep churning the idea each and every day. Use feedback to adjust the product or service you will bring to market.

Why should I do this today?

Better ideas are more likely to hit the spot where customers find value and where contributors see the idea as viable and a mission they want to participate in. This is like a groundswell in such that in will resonate quickly if the message is focused and grounded in reality. 

A great way to create a focused and grounded idea is to think about it a lot. Everyday is not too often. Have others join you in these conversations. They can see things you can not. They may uncover issues that would stall or become impassable stumbling blocks. 


If you are interested in exploring some ideas with others, there are few events as powerful as a tweetup. What is a tweetup? A tweetup is a gathering of people that use You are strongly encouraged to join Twitter as soon as possible if you are interested in Startup Weekend or business in general. It is a powerful and effective way to meet smart people. Many of these folks are knowledge workers. They have the knowledge, skills and talents that are the bridge to success. Meet as many people as you can via tweetups.

What are your thoughts on Startup Weekend or business enterprise?

Monday, February 16, 2009


Caution: New Phone Scam

Caller asked for Carly. There is no Carly at my number. The fast talking guy quickly transitioned to saying that the 'prize' is for the phone number and not for the person.

PRIZE: A $1,000 online shopping spree. 

What do I have to do to get the 'prize'? 

Subscribe to a magazine package of 6 for around $3.50 a week. Oh yeah, you need to have a major credit card too. Sure, let me get it out and give you the number right now.

If you encounter a call from 888-279-9221 you may be the target of a scam. 


Sunday, February 15, 2009


A few years ago I lived in Virginia and had both Food Lion and Bloom discount cards. Registration must have requested my email address. By using my real email address the retailer was able to communicate an important recall notification. You can see the entire email below.

To view this email as a web page, go here.

Dear Valued Customer,

As an MVP card holder and as one of our customers who has indicated a desire for e-mail messages from us, we are sending you this alert regarding additional peanut products recalled today by National Raisin, one of our suppliers. The recall is due to an inspection by the Texas Department of Health at the Peanut Corporation of America's plant in Plainview, Texas.

The following Food Lion and Bloom products are being recalled:

PRODUCT                                                   UPC/GTIN#                            Size

Food Lion Raisin and Nut Trail Mix                   3582606484                            6 oz. 
Food Lion Fruit and Nut Trail Mix                     3582606485                            6 oz.
Food Lion Winter Blend Trail Mix                      3582606486                            6 oz.
Food Lion Nut Seed Bry Trail Mix                     3582606487                            6 oz.
Bloom Raisin and Nut Trail Mix                        72543992166                          6 oz.
Bloom Fruit and Nut Trail Mix                         72543992167                          6 oz.
Bloom Winter Blend Trail Mix                          72543992168                          6 oz.
Bloom Nut Seed Bry Trail Mix                         72543992169                          6 oz.

We are asking consumers to return these items to the store for a full refund. 

At this time, a number of products containing peanut butter, peanut paste or peanuts have been recalled; however, peanut butter sold in jars at our stores is not affected.

We would like to assure you that Food Lion LLC, including all Food Lion, Bloom, Bottom Dollar Food, Reid's and Harveys stores, regards food safety and the safety of our customers as a top priority and is our utmost concern.  Information regarding ongoing recalls can be found at We are also updating our Web site,, with all the products we have pulled.

Thank you for being a valued customer.

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact us. You can call our Consumer Relations department toll-free at 1-800-210-9569, 9 a.m.-8 p.m. EST Monday through Friday and 10 a.m.-2 p.m. EST on Saturday. Or you can write us at: Food Lion Attn: Consumer Relations, 2110 Executive Dr. Salisbury, NC 28145 USA


Friday, February 6, 2009


Adrants attributes Wheaties as a Kellogg's brand. Wheaties is a brand of General Mills.

Wheaties, a wheat and bran mixture baked into flakes, is an American breakfast cereal introduced in 1924 and marketed by the General Mills cereal company of Golden Valley, Minnesota.

The link to the original page from Adrants is here. Perhaps they will adjust the headline once their error is recognized.  

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Saw this at the end of a blog post by Steve Yastrow. The full post it is worth reading. You might also consider subscribing to his blog as well. Link >

  • How are you differentiating yourself?
  • How is your business or employer differentiating?
  • How much difference is enough?
  • How are you building relationships?


Monday, February 2, 2009


Very odd that Facebook would place three of the same ad on one page.  

  • Have you seen three of the same ad on Facebook?
  • Have you seen the ad above on Facebook, thoughts?