Saturday, February 28, 2009


[click on map to see larger]

Businesses are using ads on the Internet to reach customers. The Google Map image nearby is a good example. The search was for the East Paris Pharmacy in Grand Rapids, MI. On the map were several text and graphical ads for nearby Rite Aid drug stores. They may have bought placement on the word pharmacy. 

Google Maps users may see Rite Aid ads when they conduct a search with the word pharmacy and they are searching in a trade area of Rite Aid. A trade area is a geographic space that a business conducts transactions in.

Below is an embedded version of the map above. Perhaps you can see if the Rite Aid ads are still there or if some other chain bids up the price of the ads.

[click "View Larger Map," then click the "Search Maps" button on that page for results]

What are your thoughts regarding online advertising? Are maps an effective way to reach an audience?

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