Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Plancast: Idea For Monetizing

Plancast is a website that allows for a person, or entity, to create, broadcast and invite people to come to an event.
Currently, most users are individuals. It seems that many have only entered a few events here and there. People enter events that might be fun to have others tag along.

What would be really interesting is if professional sports teams created their own Plancast Channels. The channel could include preseason and regular season games with home an road dates included. A sport like football has a lot of fans that will travel to other places to see their team play. Lots of Chicago Bears fans come to Ford Field in Detroit when they Play the Detroit Lions. For traveling Bears fans it would be intriguing to see if any of their friends were also planning to travel to Detroit for the game.

If a fan saw a friend had already indicated they were going to a game on the road, another fan could click the “count me in” button for the event. When they do that it might trigger a pop up where that person would be offered the opportunity to buy a ticket. An advanced feature might even allow for the buyer to get a seat as close as possible to their friends seat.

When first thinking about how Plancast and a sports league might integrate, the  National Hockey League (NHL) was the first. Could definitely see the Detroit Red Wings creating a channel for their fans to participate. Fans that are attending a game can spread the event to their contacts (Sell more tickets etc). This information distribution can be done via Facebook, Twitter and email.

Lets say that a local university is doing a get together at a sporting event. The alumni association might use the teams Plancast Event Channel to invite people. Those that want to RSVP can buy a ticket right there in the Plancast Event Channel.

Meetup is a way for people to organize their own events and classes. People use Meetup to organize things like floor hockey, photography or knitting. Some hosts charge fees to cover the costs incurred running the event. It would be great if Plancast had a partnership with Meetup to distribute group events and to create revenue for hosts and venues.

Below is the note card that was where the first thoughts went.


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Friday, July 2, 2010

Innovation Unleashed


The velocity of innovation is increasing.

Q: Do you know what that means?

A: Creative Destruction *Look it up