Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Who: Twitter fans from all over metropolitan Detroit
What: An impromptu Detroit Tweetup
When: Thursday July 31, 2008 Starting @ 6:30 PM - ??:??
Where: Kuhnhenn Brewing 5919 Chicago Road Warren, MI
Why: Networking, networking, networking.

The online network for Twitter users in the Detroit area is... Detroit Tweetup Network

Hope to see you at Kuhnhenn Brewing.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Guy Kawasaki AKA @guykawaski on Twitter

What: Bike lock that apparently reset. Combination U-Lock. Locksmiths were quoting $60 to $150. It's the weekend and late on a Saturday.

Solution: 1. Assess situation. Check. 2. Post problem to Twitter. Check. 3. Let peeps chew on the problem for a while.

Tweet that started the creative process:

The U lock malfunctions, and I can't get it off. The combination that worked all week just decided to reset itself.

Had a few thoughts of my own. Posted them as direct messages.

Admore: Try the digits up and down one digit. Guess 1 slipped. 3*3*3*3 = 81 combinations to try. Hope it works. 31 minutes ago

Admore: if combo is 2233 try 2232, 2233, 2234... Make sure the lock is not under tension. If it is the lock will stick and not release 27 minutes ago

guykawasaki: Hah! Took @admore advice and starting incrementing the combination. After 11 tries, I hit the right one. Twitter saves my ass again...
13 minutes ago "


All the great ideas brought forth were potential solutions. The right one was offered... and it worked.

Follow Admore on Twitter.

Is this the Wisdom of Crowds? What do you think?

Saturday, July 26, 2008


See the job posting below. Detroit is spelled wrong [see red text]. Details matter. Sloppiness like this would get your resume in the circular file. There will be fewer people pursuing this position because of the misspelling.

Store Manager/Store Coach in Training, Sears Outlet-Detriot

Company: Sears Holdings
Location: Michigan-Detroit
Job Title Store Manager/Store Coach in Training, Sears Outlet-Detriot MI Business Stores - Outlet Stores State/City MI Detroit Job Summary The Store Coach in Training (SC-IT) is preparing to lead the overall (P&L) financial performance of a store. This includes merchandise sales, credit and other miscellaneous revenues, expense management, and achievement of planned cost recovery goals. The [...]

Friday, July 25, 2008


Interesting post that lauds Biggby Coffee and overstates the troubles of Starbucks.
Excerpt below.

As Starbucks Closes Stores, Biggby Coffee Opens New Ones

by Juan Guillermo Tornoe

As Fourbucks closes 19% of its stores, Michigan-based Biggby Coffee, formerly known as Beaner’s (yes Beaner’s) is celebrating the opening of their 100th store - a 30% increase since January 31st, 2008.

Nice article but... Calling Starbucks Fourbucks seems a bit over the top. Not sure where the 19% comes from. Starbucks is closing 600 stores out of 11,434 U.S. locations.

"At the end of March, there were more than 16,226 Starbucks stores globally and 11,434 in the U.S."

So, if we take just U.S. locations, we see what the store closing percentage is...

600/11,434 = 5.25%

It may the case that Starbucks is closing 19% of Michigan locations. If this is the case it was not made clear by the post. Essentially the post was implying that Starbucks is going out of business and that it was cutting nearly 20% of its locations.

One more thing, not a fan of having to be logged in to submit comments. Does one really need to join and have a WordPress ID to comment on a blog?

What do you think?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Apply the following to Jobs, Interviews and Networking events.

Earlier today a friend mentioned something called S.O.A.R. stories. Wasn't sure what he was talking about. He elaborated that S.O.A.R. is...
  • Situation
  • Obstacle
  • Action
  • Result
It is a good idea to have 3-5 SOAR stories. These are useful in discussing challenging Situations, Obstacles encountered, Actions taken and Results.

Obviously it is best if the end Result is a positive outcome. If not, use a different story.

What are your thoughts on S.O.A.R. ?

Scam Alert: Board of Business Compliance

This is a repost/link to the Coyote Blog. It seems someone tried to scam Coyote.
Click title to visit the Coyote Blog.
Linking here so the Coyote post is higher in Google Search results.

Hope this helps someone avoid this scam.

Friday, July 18, 2008


This guy had a very bad experience with Taco Bell. They didn't make it easy for him even though he cared enough to tell them how to improve.

Now he is very angry.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

TWITTER AND SUMMIZE has recently purchased They have also changed the name to 'Twitter Search'; this is a problem. If you tell people search Twitter, it means the box on top of the Twitter page [says 'Name or location' in the search box].

This is creating confusion. The Summize name should be restored to end this confusion.

There is a new group on Facebook asking Twitter to restore the Summize name.

Please join this group to send a 'Loud & Clear' message that Twitter should restore the Summize name ASAP.

Thanks for your support.


When closing a letter or a blog comment I frequently use ATB. Feel free to use it too. It's a nice way to encourage each other to stretch and to be our best.

ATB = All The Best.


David Damore

Currently the are "14,600,000" results on Google. It will be interesting to see if a post like this can crack the top 100.

What are you thoughts on using ATB?

Monday, July 14, 2008


Along the Detroit River Walk is the most amazing automated bathroom. It self cleans after each use.

What a wonderful find on the way home after a long bike ride downtown.

A few links about the River Walk for your review.

Here and Wikipedia.

HT: Detroit Tweetup on July 11, 2008


IDEA: Sharing & Finding Jobs

If you come across an interesting job post [online or through word-of-mouth] share it.

If you are searching for a job, the folks that post to Twitter using #job" are helping you find one of the following...
  • Job
  • Next Job
  • Better Job

How does this work?

Simple, include the following in the post to Twitter...
  • "#job" [This will help people find it]
  • Job title or responsibilities
  • Location / Geographic area
  • Firm
  • Link to posting [use TinyURL] to make it fit
Below is one posted the other day. The order isn't important overall. The order listed above is probably the most effective for posting.

"admore: #Job: Sales/Retail/Business Development with McGraw-Hill near Lansing, MI"

Current postings can be found here.
Set up and subscribe to the RSS for that search. Look for "
Feed for this query" on the Summize search above.


What are your thoughts and ideas for turning the power of social networking into a more powerful job tool?

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Re: Jul 12 From 25 startup ideas to 5,the list, which one would you start? Update:make that 4

My choices are below. The words in "[ ]" are my thoughts on each idea. They are not in any particular order. The link to the post was provided by Wayne Sutton VIA Twitter.


Lots of great ideas.

The five that may have the most Promise / Opportunity / Success are…

# 5 Walt - incredible tree web app, make easy to record details, capture idea, thoughts

[Ideas come and go quickly, important to capture then then implement them]

#16 Mark – plug-ins for wordpress to turn site into a business (example shopping cart system)

[People can more easily monetize their ideas]

#18 Jeff – mashup of a twitter service and a game tracker type service, mobile phone update, system to follow sports player, by stats or actions

[Fantasy sports... Huge opportunity]

#23 Taylor – kiva for kids - micro finance site for teenagers

[Great opportunity to help poor / underprivileged get a college or university education]

#25 Brandon - personal price tracker, iphone or web based memory shopping social app
[What is the regular price? This idea will help people track the Right / Best price]

Visit the site and write your picks and analysis in the comments to this post.

Thanks for reading.


About two weeks ago it was reported that ePrize, a Michigan based sales promotion services firm, fired 20 employees.

Why would a firm need to do such a thing and why would it make it public? The people fired are damaged goods since ePrize publicized that they were terminated for poor performance.

From Crain's Detroit Business:

Pleasant Ridge-based ePrize Inc. fired nearly 20 “underperforming” staffers on Tuesday, the company’s founder said.

A couple positions were eliminated in a streamlining effort, but ePrize President and CEO Josh Linkner said the remainder of the terminations were not layoffs but terminations based on job performance."

What are the possible problems?

Below are four possibilities.
  • Improperly Hired
  • Poorly Trained
  • Poorly Managed
  • Business Pullback [Result: Layoffs]
Lets take them one at a time.

Improperly Hired
EPrize is a relatively young firm. It was founded in 1999. It is possible that their training systems have not developed as the firm has grown in the nine or so years since ePrize was established. HR and hiring managers may have made imprudent choices during the years of rapid growth and quick hiring.

Poorly Trained
It is possible that the managers have a heavy load since ePrize may be operating much like a start up firm. In the rush to "make the numbers" it is likely that something had to give. As the saying goes, "what gets measured is what gets done" and that training had weak measurement metrics. Certainly sales growth and profit numbers were much more closely monitored. Since this was likely, managers focused intensely on revenue and profit metrics. Training and mentoring fell by the wayside. Growing firms need strong bench talent and the best way to get it to hire quality individuals and to have strong mentor/training relationships throughout the firm.

Poorly Managed
Some of the same problems that were pointed out above also apply here. Managers zero in on the areas where executives indicate focus needs to be [revenue, profits, growth targets]. Less time and energy was spent on managing and developing people to grow into their current positions and to prepare them for future opportunities [Bench Talent Development].

Business Pullback

It is not a secret that the US economy has been facing challenging circumstances for the first half of the year. Recession or not, there are a lot of headwinds. High fuel and food prices are sapping the spending power of consumers. When people have less money to spend and a sense of pessimism the velocity of money slows. Inflation affects consumers, manufacturers and the retailers that are in the middle. Home prices have also fallen precipitously and Consumer sentiment is very low at 56.6.

Economic Challenges
As consumers become resistant to discretionary spending, many products and services see sales decline or stagnate after continued year over year
growth. Firms begin to see margins tighten and profits to decline. Stock prices fall as future earnings expectations fall. At some point shareholders will implicitly demand that management make changes to "get results." Management will make changes on costs and expenses that they can control. Firms will cut back on marketing and advertising budgets as business slows. Competing firms will likely do the same. Firms like ePrize will see less business as their clients devote fewer resources to the kinds of promotions they specialize in. All of this will lead to ePrize reducing staff as business falls.

What happened with ePrize?
When a firm fires people they seek to replace them with more talented and capable people. Did ePrize fire or lay people off? The jury is still out, as of right now there are no new job postings coming through on job search engine for ePrize [See data below]. According to the ePrize Twitter page jobs have been posted here.

Of the jobs below, two of the jobs are at ePrize, the other two are not. As of right now there are no clear indications that the folks who are no longer at ePrize are being replaced. If new posting are clearly posted [with dates and specifics] that may indict people were indeed terminated.
As of right now it appears that there may be a slowdown and that these folks were laid off and not fired.

What are your thoughts?

Technology Help Desk Intern - new

ePrize - New York, NY
Maintaining laptops, software, printers and other technology. Must have network knowledge to be our hands on person for network connectivity in the office. To...
From - 25 days ago - save job - block - email - more...

Graphic Designer - ePrize ~ Interactive Web Designer for 74 ... - new

ePrize - Pleasant Ridge, MI
the continued growth of ePrize, the growth of our... Subway. ePrize has earned numerous awards, including the number-six ranking among the PROMO 100. ePrize's...
From Advertising Age - 21 days ago - save job - block - email - more...

Senior Human Resources Generalist - new

Accolo Inc. - Pleasant Ridge, MI
Resources Generalist for ePrize in Pleasant Ridge, MI... Subway. ePrize has earned numerous awards, including the number-six ranking among the PROMO 100. ePrize's...
From HotJobs - 25 days ago - save job - block - email - more...

Senior Human Resources Generalist - new

Accolo - Detroit, MI Resources Generalist for ePrize in Pleasant Ridge, MI... Subway. ePrize has earned numerous awards, including the number-six ranking among the PROMO 100. ePrize's...
From Monster - 26 days ago - save job - block - email - more...

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Wow! What a great time with all the folks at the Detroit Tweetup [Detroit Tweetup Network]. So many smart, ambitious and talented people. You will definitely learn a lot from meeting with these folks.

If you are not already there, get on Motor City Connect. Fill out a profile and post a pic. That tells people you are serious about success. No picture says, "I just do the bare minimum." Be the one who does the unexpected and goes the extra mile. Those are the kind of people who get ahead and experiance great success. You want to be successful don't you?

Best guess is that there were between 20 and 30 folks who were at the Detroit Tweetup.

Started at...
Sakana Sushi Lounge
22914 Woodward Ave
Ferndale, MI 48220
(248) 336-2555

Super nice folks working there. Fast refills to boot!

After a few hours of conversation a contingent [about 10] of us wandered over to the WAB [Woodward Avenue Brewery]
22646 Woodward Ave
Ferndale, MI 48220-1810
Phone: (248) 546-3696

Had more great conversations over beer and food. Very nice waitress too. If you are in the area, check these two places out.

Really looking forward to the next Detroit Tweetup ;)

If you were there, what are your thoughts on the event?

Sunday, July 6, 2008


From: Retail Wire

Wal-Mart's Logo Change (, we mean Walmart)

Below are my comments to the discussion.

Brands--and Logos--are what PEOPLE think of them, not what the brand thinks it is.

If you have not already, check out Brand Tags. Participate at this link: and see all brands at this link:

I think you will find the information enlightening.

Hopefully, Brand Tags adds a before and after feature (on a time line of some kind).

Walmart would make an excellent test case. One would think that Walmart will change all their logos in very quick fashion. If they do so, it will be interesting to see if people tag Walmart differently after the change.

  • Have you been to Brand Tags?
  • What are your thoughts on branding and logo relationships?

Friday, July 4, 2008


Grosse Pointe Woods Fireworks Display June 29, 2008



In the past few days there has been a change in the local real estate market. Homes are being sold. There are still quite a few homes with FOR SALE signs, but it is nice to see deals being consummated.

A warm welcome to all the new neighbors. ;)

If you are thinking about selling your home you may want to contact the folks who are closing deals. Hopefully you can get the names and contact information from the signs.



Let Freedom Ring!

Wikipedia on Independence Day.

Hopefully the 4th of July will become AKA: Freedom Day.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Came across a very interesting website. HT: CARPE DIEM

If you are concerned about the price of gas going up this may be perfect for you. Buy at today's prices if you think they are going up. If you think prices are going to fall do nothing.

Example Scenario:
National average for 87 unleaded is about $4.099 per gallon.
If you think gas will go up to $5 a gallon, you buy gas at today's price. The great thing is that you do not have to take all 100 gallons [or other amount] today. You can take delivery when pump prices are $5. You get that gas for what was the current price when you bought it in bulk for future delivery.

Here is the website:

See for yourself.