Monday, July 14, 2008


IDEA: Sharing & Finding Jobs

If you come across an interesting job post [online or through word-of-mouth] share it.

If you are searching for a job, the folks that post to Twitter using #job" are helping you find one of the following...
  • Job
  • Next Job
  • Better Job

How does this work?

Simple, include the following in the post to Twitter...
  • "#job" [This will help people find it]
  • Job title or responsibilities
  • Location / Geographic area
  • Firm
  • Link to posting [use TinyURL] to make it fit
Below is one posted the other day. The order isn't important overall. The order listed above is probably the most effective for posting.

"admore: #Job: Sales/Retail/Business Development with McGraw-Hill near Lansing, MI"

Current postings can be found here.
Set up and subscribe to the RSS for that search. Look for "
Feed for this query" on the Summize search above.


What are your thoughts and ideas for turning the power of social networking into a more powerful job tool?

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