Tuesday, February 24, 2009



In about four weeks, Startup Weekend will descend on Detroit Michigan. As the state with the highest unemployment rate, Michigan needs a storm of entrepreneurial activity to ignite. Entrepreneurs start with an IDEA then add some secret ingredients. In the process they require specialized knowledge, skills and talents. It is at that point, employees may be added to the business enterprise.

Now more than ever

Now is a great time to start thinking about some ideas that create customers. What does it mean to create customers? Solving consumer needs, wants and desires creates value. The value that is created by a business enterprise is exchanged for money. The more value the firm creates the more potential there is to become an economic force that grows the fortunes of both customers and the the enterprise. This a win-win. In the process, jobs are created and customers are better served. In all of that, the economy grows and expands. 

Are you thinking about your IDEA for Startup Weekend already?

Now is the right time. Bring together your own mastermind group. Brainstorm for ideas that solve customer needs, wants and desires. Keep churning the idea each and every day. Use feedback to adjust the product or service you will bring to market.

Why should I do this today?

Better ideas are more likely to hit the spot where customers find value and where contributors see the idea as viable and a mission they want to participate in. This is like a groundswell in such that in will resonate quickly if the message is focused and grounded in reality. 

A great way to create a focused and grounded idea is to think about it a lot. Everyday is not too often. Have others join you in these conversations. They can see things you can not. They may uncover issues that would stall or become impassable stumbling blocks. 


If you are interested in exploring some ideas with others, there are few events as powerful as a tweetup. What is a tweetup? A tweetup is a gathering of people that use Twitter.com. You are strongly encouraged to join Twitter as soon as possible if you are interested in Startup Weekend or business in general. It is a powerful and effective way to meet smart people. Many of these folks are knowledge workers. They have the knowledge, skills and talents that are the bridge to success. Meet as many people as you can via tweetups.

What are your thoughts on Startup Weekend or business enterprise?

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