Monday, September 15, 2008


There are some really smart people on the Internet. When you come across their stuff it gives you multiple "A-ha" moments.

Noah Brier is one of those people. If you have heard of or visited Brand Tags you have seen the results of his applied IDEA. Ideas that are not applied are almost worthless. Those that are, have value that are almost incalculable.

You can achieve so much if you take your IDEA and MAKE it happen.

The two posts below should be required reading for middle and high school students. Even folks in and past college can gain valuable insights from these two posts.

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Read this one first
Brand Tags' Noah Brier: How My Website Took Off

Second Post
Making Stuff on the Internet: Passing Data and Databases

The presentation from the second post is embedded below.

Making Stuff on the Internet
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Thanks so much David, you're too kind.