Monday, April 26, 2010

Foursquare: Customer Engagement for Business


Foursquare has recently made some changes to their website.

The line below is from an individual users settings page.

“Let local businesses see that I've checked-in at their venue [huh?]”

Clicking on [huh?] in that text brings up a dialog with the following.

We allow verified venue owners to see statistics about checkins at their venue. These stats include recent visitors, most frequent visitors and most popular check-in times. You can always opt out if you'd rather not share this data with the venues you visit.

Each venue now includes a way for the owner or manager to claim their business and gain access to analytics for people that check-in. Claiming your business allows you to offer specials to your customers (AKA: guests or fans) for checking in and for being the mayor. The mayor is the person that checked in the most times in a recent time period.

You can find “Foursquare + Your Business” here.

If you own or manage a business with a location that people visit, such as a coffee shop, bar, or barber shop, your guests may be doing social media advertising on your behalf. You owe it to yourself to check out Foursquare.

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