Saturday, November 13, 2010

Apple Ping – A Social Network For Music


Apple Ping is a social network of sorts. My use of it is still in the earliest stages. Since that is the case, I am only following a few users currently. One of the things that is interesting is seeing other music people have liked or recently purchased. The ability to hear a sample of these songs makes for an interesting way to discover new music. When one finds a track one likes and enjoys, one can buy it on the spot or add it to a Wish List. I’ve added two songs to the wish list.


What would be cool is if in the Wish List there was a way to see who the user was that brought the song to my attention. If there are certain users that inspire more people to buy more music they could be considered to be industry influencers.


  • How important is it to know who the influencers are?
  • Would top influencers be able to monetize their position as such?
  • Will Apple create an influencers list? If so, will they make it public or will they sell or share that data with people that want to distribute their music?

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