Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Q: What is the best desk/work station arrangement?
A: Unknown. Keep making adjustments and making it better each time.

Just made some adjustments to the work area. Added a wall shelf behind the desk to get infrequently used items off the desk. This allows them to be easily accessible when they are needed [IE not buried in a drawer].

The printer is on a file cabinet to the right of the desk and there is a small shelf unit to the left of the desk. An old school rotary phone occupies the top. Several pens are at the ready there as well.

What is on the desk?
  • HP dv4000 laptop
  • Clipboard with yellow legal pad
  • Wireless mouse
  • Small notepad station from Ikea [note: find refill pad soon]
  • Cross pen [fine tip]
  • There is also an adjustable desk lamp there as well.

What is your workspace?

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