Saturday, November 22, 2008


IDEA: Michigan Job Support and Training Group

"Teach, Train, Coach, Create Businesses..."

Post and IDEA created as a result of a New York Times article + a job group [Boston Salty Legs Career Club ] [Thanks Susan]

The people of Michigan are hurting.
Rapidly increasing job loss is creating some very bad consequences. Michigan has relied on certain business sectors to heavily and [automotive, furniture, etc] for too long. It is time to diversify.

In doing so we need to create a skilled, talented and capable work force.
Human Capital!

The goal is to create small teams of people
all across the state that are connected and supporting one another. This is an idea in progress. It will be developed with the input from many different people [Google Docs]. No one person has the 'answer'.

As a small group and through team work
we can create winning solutions that lead to talent creation. This talent can then be deployed in different industries and fields because it will be flexible. In being flexible it will have resources to further create value.

Are you interested in being an IDEA Solution Creator?

What say you?


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Susan said...

Very cool David ~ happy to have inspired u to write this post. Wish you all the best with this.. and keep us all posted! Hang in there...Best~ Susan :)