Wednesday, November 26, 2008


The screen shot to the left is from Chrome. In it you can see various folders on the Bookmarks bar. The one of interest is called "Peeps."

In this are Twitter users of interest to me. Some of them post a lot of content. For these folks it helps to be able to see their last 20 posts on one page. It is easy to navigate their tweets backwards from here.

Other people in this folder post infrequently and it would be easy to miss a tweet. They are in here to quickly navigate to their Twitter page.

The third type of person in this folder are what I would call, like 'em, not sure I want to follow them yet. A few people get in here so their tweets can be reviewed again. If it seems compelling on subsequent looks they may get a full fledged follow.

Three types of users in the "Peeps" folder
  • Heavy posters: More than 15-20 posts per day
  • Light posters: Less than 10 posts per day to about 1 a week or even 1 per month.
  • People to review: Some people are not follow ready when you first converse with them... Review them a few times a month.

Any questions?

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Tawny Press said...

Wow, David (@Admore) , what a system you have created. I am using TweetDeck to manage my community, but I sometimes miss a few tweets here and there. I also use Firefox not Chrome, but I should test it out, since it looks like you have created a pretty good system using it.