Thursday, January 22, 2009

Godin on the Five Pillars of Succcess

Seath Godin often has some great blog posts. Relevant, succinct and on the money.
Today is no different except that it sparked something unknown.
The five pillars of success

  1. See (really see) what's possible
  2. Know specifically what you want to achieve
  3. Make good decisions
  4. Understand the tactics to get things done and to change minds
  5. Earn the trust and respect of the people around you
It sure seems like we spend all our time on #4.


  1. You have to go do something and give 100% effort to getting it done. Too many people see failure as the only possible destination for what is possible. It is not so. If you believe so strongly in your IDEA, product or service you owe it to yourself to "make it happen."
  2. The focus on what the goal is needs to be precise. Get a cocktail napkin and if you can get create a business plan on a 5" by 5" napkin you likely have a specific goal. You have to cut all the fluff when you only have 25 square inches of space.
  3. Good decisions are critical, maybe more important than that is making them fast and sticking with them. Think about US Airways Flight 1549. The captain was told to go to a nearby airport. He made a decision for a water landing and did so immediately. Good decisions are good for you just as they were for all the passengers on captain Sullenberger's plane that day.
  4. All the tools and technology for how to get things done. Communicating with people, influencing them that such and such product or service is best for them...
  5. Trust and respect are values you need to earn. They are not gained overnight either. This is a measure of Patience, persistence, and authenticity. If you are trustworthy and respectable over time the skeptics are won over. 

Read the original Seth Godin post on The five pillars of success and write out your perspective and thoughts.


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