Thursday, January 29, 2009


Looking for a J.O.B.?

You are not alone. Unemployment is increasing and more people are competing for the open positions that remain. 

Are you using the right bait?

Think of employers as fish.  Use the bait that appeals to the fish you want to catch.  Firms need employees to replace people that have left or to increase firm capability in sales or some other function. Proper keywords will attract leads for jobs. 

Using a single fishing pole from shore is a less than optimal way to catch fish. Stop doing it in your job search. Firms and the managers that are hiring are just like fish. They will bite with the right bait. There are still many in the sea.

Do you know of GPS?
GPS is a Global Positioning System. It is a guidance technology. It uses satellites to get to a specific location. If you want to catch fish, you have to get where the fish are. Use tools to locate fish and to get close to them. Jobs are like fish. Find them and reel them in.

Send out lots of boats
Continuing with the fishing analogy. Use multiple fishing poles or send a fleet of boats out on your behalf. If you are looking for work you must tell your family, friends and network specifically what you are looking for. They are the crew of the boats you are sending out. More boats equals more fish.

More than boats, nets are key
The boats your network is using should be equipped with large nets that will haul in the fish you seek. Better nets are part of how specific you are in telling people what you are looking for in a job [career] opportunity. Give them five through ten keywords. These words will light up their radar screen when they come upon them. 

Once someone in your network brings in a load of fish, job leads, take immediate action. Follow up immediately. Make sure that you thank the captain and crew for bringing in such a wonderful catch. 

What else do you think is important in catching good jobs?

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