Saturday, December 19, 2009

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After having bought 15- 20 books one might have a good idea what sellers are accurate, honest and fair.

There should be a way for me to give them more business. A user should be able to create a "Favorite Seller" list of sellers to check for item availability. When looking for a book it would check the inventory from the businesses on the "Favorite Seller" list first.

Was just searching for two books recommended by ceomarshal on Twitter.
ceomarshall: @Admore 2 Fav Business Books are Crossing the Chasm and Execution: the discipline of getting things done
Original tweet.

Abebooks listings for each book:
Does Abebooks already have a way to rate sellers?
Is there a list I can create to rate the seller on several dimensions?
  • Accuracy of listing
  • Speed
  • Responsive correspondance (When book is located, packed, shipped, expected arrival date, if there is a problem how can the buyer directly communicate with the seller...)

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