Monday, October 13, 2008


John Battelle has a post called CM Conversations: Evan Williams, below is my response to his post. Hopefully the Twitter brain trust will take the IDEA seriously and #MakeItHappen!

How about creating a Twitter Business Plan Challenge #TBPC?

This would allow the large Twitter community to think of IDEAS to increase revenue and profits for Twitter. They would create a business plan [IDEA] for Twitter to execute. Judging would involve a highly distinguished panel of savvy business people [suggested members of the panel include... Guy Kawasaki, Seth Godin...]

This plan could have a big pay off if...
1. The plan is strategically sound and uncontrollable factors do not adversely affect the results
2. The plan is executed with precision
3. The plan successfully drives usage of Twitter in a way that increase revenue and profits and does not increase costs materially.

Using a contest like this is outside the box. It will draw diverse teams that will develop unique IDEAS for making Twitter more successful.

Please review this with your brain trust, evaluate the soundness of the IDEA and #MakeItHappen.

David Damore

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