Monday, October 6, 2008


Twitter is an online communication service.
Twitter is like nothing you have seen before. There are a few things Twitter is like...

  • Instant Messaging
  • Email
  • Blog
...but mashed together with the best aspects of each.

There are some powerful tools to help one harness the immense power and bring it to the individual. [There are more then this. These are the ones that are most ofen used by Admore]

These are best utilized by placing them in the bookmark / Links bar in your browser. In order to save space on the bookmarks bar I use a folder named "Twitter". Most of the secondary tool are kept there.


Twitter The one and only!

Twitter Search formerly known as Summize. Awesome way to find tweets as Twitter updates are called. Check out the Advanced Search page for special operators.

Tweet Stats Used to see what a user commonly tweets about. You can do this for yourself as well as for others provided that their updates are not "protected" [locked out of the public stream] In the word cloud, you can now click on the term and see all the conversations that are related. There is more interesting data there as well. Check it out for yourself.

Tweet Scan Good secondary site for searching tweets.

Monitter & Tweet Grid These sites can track trends per key words the user chooses. Sports team work well on game day. Might be interesting to check stock ticker symbols as well. Never tried it, just thought of it.

Twitscoop A nice site to see what terms are trending per the number of updates users are posting.

Twitter Local Great way to find users near an area or zip code. Try a zip code and set the radius to 20 miles. Here is the one for my zip code, 48236. You will probably see my tweets in there somewhere. Look for Admore.

Twitterholic -
The Top 100 Twitterholics based on Followers. Would suggest adding just a few of these folks to get started. Their updates may overhwhelm your stream if you add to many and they update alot.

There are a few services that shorten links to a size that works well for tweets. Two that are used frequently are TinyURL [25 characters] and Is.Gd [currently shortens to 17 characters]. There are others and you can search them out on Google.

A few people that you may enjoy following. These folks are in a folder called Peeps. This keeps a direct link to their full page handy.
Your comments are welcomed.

What are your thoughts on Twitter, favorite tools and apps?


Justin said...

You forgot about the "ultra handy" tool that tells you how much your tweet is worth :)

David Damore said...

Didn't forget that one at all. Only heard about it the other day on Tech Crunch. Didn't sound very useful from the review.

"What’s Your Tweet Worth? Um, . . . Nothing.
by Erick Schonfeld on October 3, 2008"

Since you posted here, I'll check it out for myself.

Thanks :)

Tawny Press said...

My favor twitter tool is TweetDeck. It is built on Adobe Air and allows me to split my peeps into groups as well as set other columns for hash tags or keyword searches.

I also enjoy using Tiny Twitter on my Smartphone. Avoids getting those extra text messaging charges too! Bonus.

Best of all, I enjoy the community of friends on Twitter. How you put me in this list of Rock Stars I will never know, but thank you!

Thanks @admore, great post.

David Damore said...


You had to make the rock star list ;)
You always post great stuff and you engage in educational and enlightening conversations.

Keep up the great stuff. Thanks for your kind words as well.