Monday, May 18, 2009

How Information Travels

Last week Guy Kawasaki wrote the post, “How to Know What Text and Images People Copy from Your Site” on Tynt for the OPEN Forum blog.

He linked to it on from his Twitter account. May have seen it there or on Friendfeed. Not sure which one it was. Tynt is a tool that allows a website owner to know what text has been copied from their website [or blog].

While reading some RSS posts from the Carpe Diem blog one engaged my interest. It was “Ripped Off and Plagiarized in the Indian Press!!” which essentially covered how some people use others content as their own. Wrote an email to Mark Perry about the tool that Guy wrote about last week. Also included the link the Tynt post by Guy.

In short order Mark sent a reply thanking me for the info and that he would check it out. Not too long after that Mark wrote “Plagiarism Update.”

Takeaway: Information NOW travels much faster than before. Knowledge is becoming more perfect.

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