Saturday, May 9, 2009

Your resume on the internet (medical job training available) #SCAM

Where is my name? You say you saw my resume online. Seems like common courtesy to use my proper name.


From: Executive Healthcare Recruiters


I am a healthcare recruiter.  I saw your resume on the internet.  How is your job search going?  Are you still looking for work in your current field or would you be interested in a career change to healthcare?  There are many job openings right now and there is a huge shortage of qualified staff.  We are working with some schools that will train you for a new career in healthcare.  There are careers that range from $25,000 to $35,000 per year as well as careers that pay anywhere from $50,000 to $80,000 per year.  Many unemployed people even qualify to continue receiving their unemployment insurance benefits for up to 52 weeks while they retrain for a new career, and many people also qualify for Federal funds to pay for the training.  If you are interested or you would like more information please reply back and let me know.

If you are not interested please do not reply.

Best regards and good luck in your job search.


27762 Antonio Pkwy L1-261

Ladera Ranch, CA 92694

PS..  I'm not going to fill your e-mail box up with lots of messages, but I will send you an e-mail and check in from time to time to see how things are going, but if you would rather not hear back form me just send an e-mail to and I won't contact you again.

Blah blah blah. If it sounds too good to be true… you know the rest.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see your post. I received this email today, and emailed back asking where they saw my resume. Got another email promoting more specifics on the program, and again requested a reply of where they found my resume. No further emails back = scam..

Very easy to call out these people.

Anonymous said...

I also received this email today after posting my resume on Looks like they hunt for preys on open resume on the internet job seeking sites.

Also, I wouldn't recommend anyone from emailing them back. A 5 min search on Google is enough to call them out. Emailing them back only confirms to them that your emails are "active" so that they can sell it to other spammers. These type of emails go straight to my trash can and be emptied immediately.

Heck, even the act of opening the email could let them know that your email is active.