Monday, May 11, 2009

Marketing Chat #mktgchat

Taking inspiration from @PRsarahevans and #journchat brought out an IDEA called “Marketing Chat.” The hashtag #mktgchat is not currently being used.

The idea is to create a discussion about marketing… the who, what, when, where and how of it.

The platform for it is still up for review… thinking Twitter, Friendfeed and perhaps Skype.

Questions for review:

  • Should the number or participants be limited?
  • Should it be by invite only?
  • Should it be in a room on Friendfeed?
  • Should it be on Twitter?
  • What day and time work well?
    • Must keep in mind other online events
    • Where are participants, what time zone are they in?

Possible Answers:

  • Not currently planning to limit the number of participants. The key is to get a small group of highly engaged people to participate. If value is created in the discussion more people will join in and make it even more valuable.
  • Do it on some sort of invite basis. This will ensure that people are available and interested in participating.
  • Do not know enough about rooms on Friendfeed yet. There is also a large gap between users on Twitter and Friendfeed. With Twitter having a much larger user base.
  • Twitter is probably the right location for posting and creating the early discussions.
  • Will keep Skype in mind if a small group from the chat would like to continue the conversation.

Create a list of topics for each chat in advance &/or take questions and suggestions from participants, before and during the event, to let them guide the conversation where they will see the most value from a group discussion.

Do you have any thoughts and comments?

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