Saturday, January 9, 2010

BlackBerry Crash Application


One of the most unpleasant experiences is having a BlackBerry fail. The “Reload Software 552” error is particularly unpleasant. The most recent occurrence was caused in part by one of the following applications.

The applications below were all downloaded from BlackBerry App World prior to the system failure mentioned above. The links embedded are for the online store, but are the same downloads one would get through the BlackBerry App World app.

It is not exactly clear what application is causing the conflict. Unfortunately when the error occurs it leads to a lot of time spent with T-Mobile tech support and a good number of hours spent to recover and reinstall applications an data.


  • Have you used any of the above applications on a BlackBerry?
    • Positive or negative results?
  • What BlackBerry device are you using?
  • What cellular provider is your service from?

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