Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Uncomfortable Conversation, No Not That One

Problem: Guys are not social about their personal grooming

Men do not talk about grooming or the products they use to do so. Example, there is sometimes some ribbing when a spot is missed shaving. This ends conversations before they start.

A brand should create a series of commercials (Internet spots etc) that spark a conversation. These spots should be about how men are uncomfortable talking about this issue. Men should want to look their best and to be their "Own Best Self". Not every guy looks like Brad Pitt or George Clooney. Every man can look his "Own Best Self".

Looking OBS takes some work. There are products on the market that make it faster, easier and more effective. (Insert Brand Name) is the company that has you covered. IBN has products that work right every time.

The conversation would lead to guys asking each other what they use for shaving, skin conditioning, shampoo etc. Conversation is what happens when you get someone to ask a question. When people are doing it (personal grooming) well, they enjoy their efforts being recognized.

Note 1: Perhaps their could be a nomination/contest for the best groomed man in (US, Canada, etc).

Note 2: OBS could be "One Best Self" too.

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