Sunday, March 23, 2008

G3: Gotta Get Goals

It has been said that we become what we think about. Things we want to do, achieve and become are goals. No goals, no anything. Goals + persistence + tenacity = Achievement

Get some goals in your mind. Some you really truly want. Focus on them. Think about what you need to do to accomplish them.

Pick some Short [S], Medium [M] and Long [L] Term goals

[S]hort - Goals that can be achieved within a month.
[M]edium - Goals that take longer than a month and perhaps up to three years.
[L]ong Term - Goals that take three or more years to achieve.

These are simple definitions of the time frames. Make adjustments if you so desire. This system is flexible so you can make it fit your personality and beliefs.
The point is to think about what you really want, then to decide if you are willing to work hard and long enough to accomplish it.

Come up with a few goals for each time frame.

What are your thoughts?

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