Sunday, March 2, 2008

RSS - Is it the way of the future?

RSS feeds seem like they have been around a long time. At the same time most people have little knowledge of them. Just last month RSS feeds became more relevant to me. I set up feeds in the past, but did not understand how powerful they could be. Now specialized information comes to my little corner of the Internet. Before, I had some on my iGoogle page. Then somehow I stumbled on to Google Reader.

An average day has me going through 300+ postings. Don't read them all. The good ones get stars and some are shared with others. Some are set up as job alerts [, and ]. Once you create a search that finds jobs that interest you, create an RSS feed and similar search results come to you.

Hopefully you find this post somewhat interesting. As I write more and more, thoughts and writing style should become more focused and clear. If you can leave your thoughts, please do. This site is so new, it is not clear if readers can leave comments.

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