Thursday, April 3, 2008



That probably doesn't shock you.

The key for any individual property in a soft market is...
  • Get buyer attention
  • Get them intrigued
  • Get them excited
  • Get them to consider
  • Get them to schedule a viewing

It's hard to sell a house at a fair price if the buyer is unwilling to view the property. To buy sight unseen is to offer pennies on the dollar.

The Detroit Tigers have what many to believe to be a very competitive team this year.
This may achieve some level of differentiation versus the objectives listed above.
The seller wants potential buyers to consider something other than major price reductions.

Tiger Tickets are priced at $5 - $ 65. These are individual game ticket prices.
Lets assume the package offered is [2] $15 tickets for all 81 home games [3 games have already been played as of press time]
2 * $15 = $30 * 81 = $2,430.

This offer is probably about 1% of the asking price for this property. Potential buyers will probably say... Keep the tickets and drop the price 2,500 bucks.

  • Gets more potential buyers interested and in the door
  • Keeps price cuts smaller than they would be without the ticket offer
  • Resulting in a higher selling price

What are you thoughts on this offer?

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