Monday, April 28, 2008

WSJ: Cable Ads Again Accentuate the Negative

It's nice to see the competitive spirit alive and well. Customers should be better off with increasing competition for their business.

Possible results for consumers
  • Lower prices
  • Better service
  • More services offered
  • Better value
  • Customized offers

Read the story in the Wall Street Journal.

Time, DirecTV, Verizon
Raise Rhetoric, Barbs;
Time to 'Blame-Storm'
April 28, 2008; Page B6

The battle for TV customers is getting personal.

A few funny blurbs from the article.

  • "blame-storming"
  • direct, hard-hitting facts
  • "Empty Cable Suit,"
  • rapidly deteriorating landline business

What are your thoughts?

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