Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Flow of Information

The cycle of information. Where it starts, where it leads.

This is not always the process but how it sometimes works. Compelling content creates positive chemical reactions. These reactions can be captured. See below how it all played out.


1. Email from Smart Brief ---> Leads to article on “Garbage mogul makes millions from trash

2. Search on Twitter for TerraCycle


BTRfeatures: Come listen to the Innovative Business Model: TerraCycle show by Planet Good Radio on BlogTalkRadio LIVE at


3. Top result from BlogTalkRadio Link leads to…

Planet Good Radio

Show Name: Innovative Business Model: TerraCycle

4. Listen to show…

3.5 Before listening… see an Amazon book link… visit site to see book. Added book to Wish List.


  • Information that is compelling drives decisions and actions.
  • BlogTalkRadio gets more mind time
  • Amazon gets the sale
  • TerraCycle gets a positive reference point in mind
  • Tom Szaky gets recognition and searches. [seems like an innovational entrepreneur]

What are your thoughts?

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