Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Boston.com: Frustrated owners try to unload their guzzlers

Good luck selling vehicles that have low fuel mileage.
  • Good buying opportunity if you need a truck or SUV for business
  • Drive few miles per year <10,000
  • Three fill ups a week @ $75 is a ton of money per year, greater than $5,000 a year for sure
Numbers to ponder...
  • @ $4 a gallon a 10 MPG vehicle costs 40 cents in gas per mile.
  • @ $3 a gallon a 15 MPG vehicle costs 20 cents in gas per mile.
Selling now is like...
  • Selling a stock when it is at its lowest price
  • Ending a bad situation before it gets worse
  • Cutting ones losses
  • Learning there are costs to everything

What are your thoughts?

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