Friday, May 9, 2008


The Boston Celtics analyze game events in a systematic way. The use some sort of tagging or labeling system. This allows them to analyze what is working and what is not for individual players, situations and floor locations etc.

Should the analyst get credit if Boston wins?

The coaching staff does analysis; they get credit when they analyze, strategize and effectively implement a wining game plan.

My Reply to the Freakonomics post is below

The point may be that when events are labeled or tagged in a system they can be analyzed. Proper analysis leads to learning. Learning leads to knowledge. Applied knowledge leads to desirable results.

The Freakonomics post may spur the imagination of a reader and they will create the next _____ [fill in the blank].

Too many people think there are no opportunities. Thinking, creativity, ideas, analysis and applied efforts will lead to…

Mr. Zarren is attempting to do something that may or may not be successful. But he is DOing something.

People should be encouraged to THINK and be Creative and to give it a shot, win or lose.

What do you think?


— Posted by David Damore

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