Tuesday, May 6, 2008

WSJ: NBC Super Bowl Ads to Cost $3 Million

May 6, 2008; Page B8

The Super Bowl has always been a tough ticket, but now NBC is telling advertisers it will cost them $3 million just to get into the game -- for 30 seconds.


  • Guess it is not to early to tell people how much $$$$$ they need to get to run ads
  • Especially when we are talking $3 million for 30 seconds
  • "It represents a price increase of more than 10%, roughly double the usual annual rise."
  • How are they going to convince marketers that this is reasonable?
  • Is there going to be some ads on the website [included in the price]?
  • This would be helpful if it brings additional exposures and dwell time on viewers.
  • Gonna be interesting to see how buyers react to this.
  • Are they under the gun to buy time no mater the price?
  • How is effectiveness per dollar spent going to be measured?
  • The key for the marketer is a profitable response; profits generated must greater than the investment.
What are your thoughts?

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